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Latest Press Mentions

Image by Mika Baumeister

Soft Structure lab is part of a group from Michigan to build next generation masks sponsored from the Department of Commerce

March 2022

Look for more details once the project is officially in place and the statement of work is clear.

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"Stuck on you".  Functional friction measurements on doctored baseballs.

March 2022

We used bug spray, rosin, pine tar and "spider tack" to gauge how much they affected the rolling resistance of baseballs at 2 temperartures at the most recent TMS Conference in Anaheim.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 5.46.31 AM.png

A team from UM wins $2M EFRI program at the National Science Foundation on microplastics capture


The notion is to use breakdown products from personal care products to produce adhesives with an affinity for microplastics in condensed fluids.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 5.51.52 AM.png

Soft Structure lab is collaborating with the Whitney Lab of Marine Science at the Univ of Florida on identifying microplastics consumed by turtles and shellfish


A recent journal article was just submitted (march 2022) to the journal "Microplastics"


Brian with Mike Burns write/publish a book of vignettes on materials in sports showing how optimum choice of materials affects performance

April 4th, 2019

26 chapter of fun.  checkout for more details

Soft Structure Lab cited in Time Magazine (March 2021)

The proliferation of PPE and stressed recycling systems are increasing waste collections

March 2021: review paper in MSE-C recently accepted

Lydia Mensah and Dr Love recently received notice that their review paper on antibiotic-loaded bone cements submitted to Materials Science and Engineering C was accepted.   A preprint will be uploaded here soon.

February 2021:  Julie Rieland garners honorable mention at the UM Engr Research Symposium

Julie (MACRO) gave a series of virtual presentations on ionic liquid mediated extraction and processing or cellulose from biomass.  Nice job Julie.

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