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Recent Publications

  • 2023

  • JM Rieland, Z Hu, J Deese, and BJ Love, Pressure sensitive adhesives for quantifying microplastic isolation, Separation and Purification Technology, 2023:307:122819.

  • 2022

  • K Beigzadeh, JM Rieland, C Eastman, D Duffy & BJ Love, Characterization of Ingested Plastic Microparticles Extracted from Sea Turtle Post-Hatchlings at Necropsy, Microplastics, 2022;1:254-262.

  • BJ Love, Stuck on You”: Functional Friction Measurements of Doctored Baseballs Coated with “Sticky Substances, TMS Proceedings, 2022: 1338-1342

  • 2021

  • R Vasquez, R. Tennankore, A Shikanov, BJ Love, ML Burns and LA Mermel, Re-evaluating Expanding Intravenous Catheters in Medical Practice, Health Science Reports, 2021:4:E318

  • A Pine, CC Wu, S Raghavan & BJ Love, The Efficiency of Dehydration Desiccants by Centrifugation: An Assessment of Superabsorbent Polymers, Drying Technology: 2021:1-8

  • R Tannankore, M Brunette, T Cox, R Vasquez, A Shikanov, ML Burns and BJ Love,   Swellable catheters based on a dynamic expanding inner-diameter, J Materials Science, Materials in Medicine, 2021:32:1-9

  • CC Wu, S Raghavan, A Pine,  J Alfaro, BJ Love and D Collias, Dewatering of super absorbent polymers: Alternatives to thermal desorption by liquid phase extraction using dimethyl ether, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2-21:105:105641.

  • LM Mensah & BJ Love, A meta-analysis of bone cement mediated antibiotic release: Overkill, but a viable approach to eradicate osteomyelitis and other infections tied to open procedures, MSE C, 2021:123:111999.

  • PT Chazovachii, JM Rieland, VV Sheffey, TME Jugovic, PM Zimmerman, O. Eniola-Adefeso, BJ Love, AJ McNeil, Using adhesives to capture microplastics from water, ACS ES&T Engineering, 2021:1:1698-1704

  • J Dean, JM Rieland and BJ Love, Development of a Microcontroller-Based, Small-Scale Rotational Fiber Collection Device, J Chemical Education, 2021:98:4061-4066.

  • 2020

  • D Shannon & BJ Love, A comparison study of athletic kinesio tapes and structural cloth tapes applied to address biomechanical injuries and muscle stabilization. 2020, The Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology,

  • JM Rieland & BJ Love, Ionic liquids: A milestone on the pathway to greener recycling of cellulose from biomass, Resources, Conservation and Recycling 2020:155,104678

  • JM Rieland & BJ Love, COVID-19 laying waste to many US recycling programs, The Conversation, June 23rd, 2020,

  • 2019

  • AL Thompson, LM Mensah &  BJ Love, The effect of cisplatin on the nanoscale structure of aqueous PEO–PPO–PEO micelles of varying hydrophilicity observed using SAXS, Soft Matter 2019:15 (19), 3970-7.

  • BJ Love & ML Burns, Corked, Tales of Advantage in Competitive Sports, 5th Avenue Press, 2019, ISBN  9718947989375.  

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